Can you imagine being in FULL control of your personal finances? How about living a life where the lack of money DOES NOT limit your choices?  

I can help you set up a GREAT plan that allows you to be Your Own Bank later in life. When funded properly, this plan will provide money for life’s greatest expenses, for retirement or for financial emergencies.  And it builds an estate you can pass on to your family, your children, your church, your favorite charity, etc…

If set up and managed properly, as Your Own Bank, you can: 

- Fully control YOUR Money
- Take TAX-FREE withdrawals
- Take penalty-free withdrawals
- Reduce interest you pay to others
- Have predictable results (with guarantees)
- Avoid stock market loss
- Lock in annual plan value increases



A program such as this can be set up for as little as $100/month.  Of course, the longer you wait, the more you will need to contribute to reach the financial goals you may have.  Clients can set up plans to provide them with HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars to do with as they wish.

You can even set a plan up for your children or grandchildren for as little as $50/month so they will be in a GREAT financial situation later in life. This plan can provide money for college, a first house, a wedding, a business, etc...Take a look at the Million Dollar Baby program.