401ks and other "retirement" investments are fine when the market is on a consistent upswing.  The tech boom of the late 90's was a profitable time.  However, our economy has been in turmoil since 2000!  The stock markets have been a roller coaster ride from year to year, often from day to day.  Many people have seen their retirement estate drop by over 50% and will not have enough for the retirement they dreamed of, nor will they have enough to pass on to their heirs.  Retirement planning mistakes have cost them dearly.  Can you imagine trying to find part-time employment at 70 years old?  Many retirees are having to do this or they have dramatically changed their lifestyles to fit their less-than-expected retirement nest egg.

In addition to volatile market performance or poor investment decisions, many retirements are impacted by people outliving their money.  In the 1960s and 70s people planned to retire at 65 and live 5-10 more years.  Because of medical technology, people are now living 15-20 years beyond retirement.  Unfortunately, many run out of money and have to live way below the standards they are use to or even move in with their children.

If you DO NOT want to be in this position when you retire, we can show you how to establish and grow an effective, safe and secure retirement nest egg.  There are three keys to this:

  • You have to START (it is never too late, but the earlier the better)
  • Continue with your plan long-term (financial success comes in small, steady increments)
  • Take tax-free disbursements (keep Uncle Sam out of your pockets)

Sounds simple doesn't it? is!  Our educational programs give you knowledge to make more informed financial decisions based on past, current and projected economic trends.  While no one can predict the future, most people agree that our country's financial roller coaster will continue.  Most people will also agree it would be smart to take the time to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones from possible financial ruin.  Here are some ideas about retirement most people agree on:

  • Taxes will be higher in the future to support our nation's deficit spending and national debt
  • Social security is not as "secure" as it once was
  • Many 401k and other "retirement" programs have proven to be risky in volatile times
  • The impact of taxes on the money I take out of my 401k and similar investments is confusing

We would like to share with you some strategies you could implement NOW to GUARANTEE a secure retirement.  Join us for a FREE, no obligation financial education class.  Heck, we don't even sell anything at our classes nor can you do business with us at that time!  It is strictly educational.

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