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Our Priority 

Make sure our clients are more financially educated than they were before we met them 

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Who Can We Help Today?

As “client first” financial educators, our FREE three-step process will:  

  • Provide you with free education to learn about growing a money tree and the negative impact of taxes 
  • Allow you to determine how we might be able to help you reach your financial dreams
  • Assist you in developing your financial plan and implementing proven strategies

Our goal is to help you do some or ALL or the following:  

  • Save LOTS of money on taxes
  • Protect your family from many health-related financial disasters 
  • Fund your child's college education 
  • Save your current nest egg from potential market loss (like in 2003 and 2008)
  • Create a large bucket of money for retirement

We make sure you understand the importance of taking action NOW for your retirement.  We advocate for YOU, demonstrating how to establish a comfortable retirement while also guaranteeing zero risk of market losses.

Our consultation services are FREE.  We partner with some of the most successful financial and retirement consultants to provide you with accurate, well-planned and easy to understand financial strategies.  Once implemented you sit back and let the proven strategies do all the hard work!

Speaking of retirement.....

Ever dreamed of having the perfect retirement plan?  A retirement plan that gives you complete PEACE of MIND?  Do you assume that all retirement plans have risk and/or can lose value over time?  Think again....for most people, here is what the perfect retirement plan would look like:

  • Account value increases with stock market gains
  • Account value DOES NOT decrease with stock market losses
  • You get to keep ALL your investment and ALL annual gains
  • Your money is NEVER at risk in the stock market
  • You can withdraw funds nearly any time with no fees or penalties
  • Distributions of your contributions are NEVER taxed (Uncle Sam gets NONE of YOUR money)
  • You can NEVER outlive the payments
  • The account can be passed on to your heirs or a favorite charity, tax free

This perfect retirement plan takes advantage of upturns in the economy and would not lose value in an economic downturn!  Is it possible?  YES!  Learn more through our FREE financial education seminars.

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