Three college friends graduate at 25 years old and decide to play the lottery long-term. They will each buy $100 worth of lottery tickets each month and play until they are 65. This is what happens.

Friend 1
Does not win until he is 65 but happens to win on his 65th birthday. It is not the grand prize but he was in the special tax-free lottery and wins $259,000 and owes Uncle Sam NOTHING! 

Friend 2
Decides to keep playing past 65 since he knows his lucky numbers will come up eventually. He gets lucky in the special tax-free contest on his 70th birthday. He chooses to take a lifetime payout of $50,000 a year TAX FREE for the rest of his life. He lives till 85, taking in $750,000 TAX FREE. If he had lived till 90, he would have taken in $1,000,000 in his retirement years!

Friend 3
He is not so fortunate and has an accident at work two years into the plan. But, on the same day he wins a TAX FREE $160,000 lottery jackpot that goes to his estate for his wife and newborn child.

  • Each of these scenarios IS possible with solid financial planning!
  • You are GUARANTEED to be either Friend 1 or Friend 2 if you can avoid being Friend 3 long enough.
  • Which one would you want?

The great thing is that this is NOT a lottery. These outcomes are not a function of chance! These scenarios are based on life-changing decisions people make early in their adult life to help secure their financial futures. What happened to Friends 1 and 2 are GUARANTEED depending on your choice. What happened to Friend 3 was a fact of life but his family has some financial support. In addition to these payouts, each man had $160,000 of protection that would pay living benefits for terminal, chronic or critical illness. It is hard to find ANY stock or 401(k) plans that can provide this amount of money with these GREAT benefits.