One pillar for financial well-being is that small, consistent contributions over a long period of time can build significant wealth.  With some basic financial planning early in a child's life, you can assure your precious child, grandchild, niece or nephew of a $1 million estate by the time they reach retirement age.  What a GREAT legacy to leave to those you love!

Our Million Dollar Baby program is designed around compounded interest on deposits started early in life.    Compounding is the "magic" of the program.  Albert Einstein once called the power of compounding the "Eighth Wonder of the World". 

Through our program, the parent or grandparent establish the plan and pays into it in the early years.  As the child reaches productive working years, he/she takes it over and continues regular deposits.  Continued deposits by the child could result in over $1,350,000 by retirement.  But, along the way, the child can take FREE withdrawals for college, a first home, medical issues, charitable giving, etc... based on the policy's structure.  If left untouched the child could have an annual income at age 66 of $150,000 or more!  Additionally, the child would have significant security with living benefits to address health and illness issues that can come up in one's lifetime.

Here is a sample plan, (actual numbers can vary based on decisions made along the way).  

NOTE:  If no money is ever withdrawn, the account could provide well over $150,000 a year in retirement!  This could equal a TAX-FREE payout of over $4,500,000 in 30 years of retirement.

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