Money 101 for College Graduates

The years from 20 to 25 can be confusing with SO MANY important decisions to be made, many of which can have long-term impact on one's life.  We work with college students and graduates to help them understand how educated, brain-based financial decision-making early in their professional lives will have tremendous returns later in life.

During our sessions, we discuss:

  • Personal budgeting
  • Understanding employment paperwork
  • Handling credit and debt
  • Planning long-term financial security
  • Starting a retirement plan early
  • Understanding investment and insurance options
  • Insurance as part of a safe, long-term investment strategy
  • Economic and financial terminology
  • Effective investment strategies for all stages of life

As we work with them, they explore the different stages of their lives to understand that each stage requires different strategies and that each stage is built on the foundation of the decisions made in the stage(s) before it.  The stages are: 

  • Early Career (23-30)
  • Mid Career (30-50)
  • Late Career (50-65)
  • Post Career (Retirement)

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