Because of medical breakthroughs, more healthy lifestyles and education, people are living much longer. The average American born today will live well into their 80s or 90s.  Typical (old style) retirement plans do not account for extended longevity.  It use to be that most people died within 5-10 years of retirement.  These days, even with people retiring a little bit later (maybe at 70 years old), they can live for 10, 15 or even 20 more years!  Many of these people will outlive their retirement nest egg.

Some benefits of a TAX-FREE Retirement plan with us include:

  • The money accumulates tax free
  • On distribution, you will pay NO taxes (if you stick to our plan)
  • Tax-free transfer when it passes on to your heirs
  • Tax-free loans and withdrawals when needed
  • No risk of loss of principal or annual gains
  • Previous years gains are locked in forever
  • You cannot outlive your money since payments continue until you die

NOTE:  It would be too good to be true if you had unlimited gains each year AND no chance of loss.  So, since our plans are designed so the worst you could do in any year is gain 0 (a zero floor), then we have ceilings on gains. Generally the ceiling is 7-10% gain.  Meaning it may still be possible to earn double digit returns in good years! 

Imagine how this would work playing blackjack in Las Vegas.  You make a bet and the worst you can do is push if the dealer beats your hand.  But, when you beat the dealer the most you can get is 7%. How much would you be willing to bet?  Most people would "bet it all and "let it ride" since they cannot lose! 

The following is adapted from Tax-Free Retirement by Patrick Kelly.

There are four essential steps to a comfortable tax-free retirement:

  1. Set a Goal:  Once you set a goal of how much you want available at 65 or 70 or whatever year you retire, we can help you determine how much you need to set aside each month and help you choose the plan that is most comfortable for you to help you reach your financial goals. 
  2. Pay Yourself First:  You must make consistent investments in YOUR future because no one else will. Create a budget that pays into your retirement first.  You may have to skip one dinner out per month or a few lattes to find the extra money to do this.  Lattes DO NOT grow your retirement nest egg, they only grow your waistline!  We can even analyze your expenses like car and home insurance, taxes, etc... We often find an extra $75 or $100 a month that you will not even miss.  This is refinancing your finances.
  3. Start Today:  The power of compound interest works for you.  The earlier you start putting money into an interest-generating account the better off you will be later in life and the more money you will have at retirement.  In most cases you can borrow from your pot of money for a child's education, a down payment on a home or medical emergencies not covered by health insurance.
  4. Plan for Distribution: Usually, when you take money out at retirement, taxes eat up thousands of dollars per year.  We can provide you with options that allow you to take disbursements on a TAX-FREE basis! Additionally, if done correctly you will NEVER outlive your money as can happen in a typical 401k.

It is important to learn about some strategies you could implement NOW to GUARANTEE a secure retirement that can pay you EVERY month until the day you die, no matter HOW LONG you live! Join us for a FREE financial education seminar.

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