Suppose you had a "money machine" in your garage that legally printed $5,000 or more per month.  That is a pretty good income.  Given this, you would probably want to insure that machine in case it broke and no longer worked.  If it broke you might no longer be able to afford your home, make your car payments, pay for your child's education, etc.... You'd probably insure it for about 10 times what it could print in a year, $600,000.  

There is no such thing as a money machine BUT the major breadwinner in a family IS the family's "money machine".  He or she brings in THOUSANDS of dollars per month to pay the mortgage or rent, the car, a child's education, etc....  What would happen if THAT money machine were broken and could no longer provide the monthly income?  

It is funny that 100% of the people agree they would insure the money machine in their garage but millions of people do not feel they need to insure their own life as the family's money machine.  Don't let your family down, they deserve the benefit of their money machine.  Let me help you develop a plan that will provide for your family in case you cannot.

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